Coming Soon is a public Shopify app that allows you to easily build a custom landing page for your store and automatically redirect all customer traffic to it.

How it works

Coming Soon does this by inserting a snippet of code into your active Shopify theme that’s loaded before your site renders. When a customer visits your site, regardless of the inbound URL, they will be redirected to your-shopify-store.com/apps/coming-soon.

How our app is used

Because of the functionality provided, merchants decide to use our Coming Soon app for a number of different purposes:

  • Collecting customer information while their store is under construction
  • Restricting store access leading up to a merchandise drop (on a recurring or one-time basis)
  • Communicating the timeline for their store launch
  • Building excitement while a new store is being built
  • Creating exclusive access for users (via password protection)

Customer information can be collected in the form of email, as well as first and last name (for the Duo template).

How our app differs from Shopify’s password page

Shopify provides a built-in password protection feature to all stores free of cost, so why pay for ours?

The main benefit of our app is its rich customization experience, which allows merchants to easily edit the style and functionality of their landing page—no coding necessary.

Our app also allows you to whitelist individual pages and URL paths so that customers can access certain parts of your store without being redirected to your Coming Soon page.

If all you need is a password field and a custom background, you’re probably better off saving your money. Shopify’s functionality works great for that (and there are several other apps that do the same). Similarly, if you’re an experienced web developer, Coming Soon doesn’t do anything you can’t manually program yourself (but it does save a lot of time).

Because of how Coming Soon works, you get the added benefit of proper analytics tracking (via Google or Facebook). Sometimes the Shopify password page can swallow tracking events.